NeuroFlow Expands Services and Staff as Need for Mental Health Care Spikes

As the Covid-19 pandemic drives a spike in demand for mental health services, Old City-based NeuroFlow is expanding the scope of its services to help health care providers handle swelling caseloads.

NeuroFlow makes an app that’s designed to help providers monitor their patients’ moods and emotions and track their progress, but it’s also increasingly focused on using its tech platform to improve providers’ workflows, especially in large health systems.

Since the pandemic hit, the company has seen a jump in demand for mental health treatment via its app. A much higher number of users who had been directed towards its app by a clinician – anyone from a primary care provider to an OB-GYN or behavioral health specialist – have been using NeuroFlow’s “Find a therapist” button to start direct treatment. In April, it saw a 106% increase in clicks on that option compared to January.

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