New Ben Franklin Roles to Build More BENefits for Companies and Partners

To increase our support for growing the capital, counsel, and connections that Ben Franklin delivers to its companies and partners, we’re happy to share the following updates on the roles of our teammates: 


  • Jonathon Beschenis promoted to General Partner, GO Philly Fund  
  • Margaret Bradley promoted to Vice President, Strategic Initiatives  
  • Mark deGrandpre is now Portfolio Executive 
  • Johnson Eapen promoted to Director, HR & Ops 
  • Anthony Green is now Vice President, Science & Technology 
  • Tristan Ly promoted to Director, Portfolio Administration 
  • Scott Nissenbaum promoted to Chief Investment Officer & Executive Vice President 
  • Kate Srinivasan promoted to Program Administrator, Business Development & Investment Group 
  • Mark Trabbold with additional responsibilities as Director, Business Development 

These moves and new roles will work to support both current and new programs and services our clients and partners use daily – each a part of our Circle of BENefits. There are always new things developing at Ben Franklin! 

Check out all the Ben Franklin roles here!