Announcing the 2017 SustainPHL Nominees

We’re excited to announce the 2017 nominees for SustainPHL!

First and foremost, we can’t believe how awesome the nominations submissions were. Thank you for sharing over 150 organizations and individuals with us.

How we determined the below list:  We listened to our 2016 attendees and worked with B Lab to create a list of criteria for each category this year. Nominations were open to the public in early May with an online submission form. Our committee reviewed each criterion and awarded points based on submission forms. The final top 3 nominees were tabulated by highest ranking average score (with one tie!).

Without further ado, here are the 2017 SustainPHL nominees.

Congratulations to our companies listed below!

SustainPHL 2017 Nominees


This nominee is a for-profit company with a new and innovative product, solution or service.

  • OxiCool
  • SALT Design Studio (Chester Arthur School project)
  • AnneeLondon


These businesses are making an impact in our community, by employing community members as well as positively affecting our environment. Impact businesses are proof that for-profit enterprises can be stewards of social and environmental change, creating that triple-bottom line.

  • The GREEN Program
  • Sustrana
  • Mariposa Food Co-op

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