Monetate Announces the Launch of its Revolutionary Dynamic Testing Solution


Monetate, the leading personalization provider for brands worldwide, today announced the launch of its newest innovative marketing solution, Dynamic Testing.

Today’s marketers face more competition than ever before. They’re struggling to cut through the noise and win on the most strategic battleground: the customer experience. To address this new reality, Monetate is launching a solution that changes the game for everyone involved.

“Dynamic Testing represents a paradigm shift in how testing is done. It frees organizations from administrative tasks to reach better, faster and smarter conclusions in real-time to drive maximum ROI,” said David Brussin, Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Product Officer, Monetate.

Dynamic Testing from Monetate uses the power of machine learning to study how campaigns are performing at all times. It automates the ongoing optimization of campaigns based on what’s working and what isn’t. This opens the door for continuous learning and refinement; instead of waiting until the end of a campaign to analyze performance and determine the best outcome, marketers can leverage Dynamic Testing to make incremental real-time decisions throughout the duration of every test. This can help marketers capitalize on intelligence gained from in-the-moment customer behaviors.

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