Phenom People raises additional $2.7 million in Series A


Phenom People is quietly building some big time support in Philadelphia. A recent $2.7 million tack-on to its Series A shows the human resources tech startup has no plans to stop.

Sigma Prime, a Boston-based venture capital firm, led the round with the $2.7 million addition bringing the Series A to a total of $7.6 million. Phenom People is already backed by Kenexa founder Rudy Karsan, one of Philadelphia’s biggest entrepreneurial success stories after selling his company to IBM in 2012 for $1.3 billion.

Sigma Prime’s managing director, John Simon, will become one of Phenom People’s senior advisors.

“They are a unique, cutting-edge technology solution to a pressing HR problem,” Simon said. “I think what the platform Phenom People brings to the market is something all Fortune 1000 companies will have in the near future.”

Phenom people raised $6 million from Sierra Ventures last October, and at the time, Karsan also showered the company with praise.

“The Phenom People position today is significantly more powerful than Kenexa’s was in that stage of growth,” said Karsan, who’s now a member of Phenom People’s board. “The technology is self-learning and they are building artificial intelligence and machine-learning as part of the hyper-personalization journey.

He added: “In my business over the years, I’ve invested in 25-30 companies, many in the HR space. In terms of vision, in terms of execution, I haven’t seen a team this good.”

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