Meet Technological Services of the Year Excellence Award Winner: BuLogics, Inc.


What’s it take to receive the Technological Services of the Year Excellence Award? Read our interview with Felicite Moorman, CEO of BuLogics, Inc., as we highlight one of the excellent small businesses that drive the Greater Philadelphia region.


Philosophy as a CEO
My philosophy is pretty straightforward. As CEO, I have two jobs. Enable the best team in the world to do the best work in the world, and tell the world they’ve done it. It’s the most amazing job I can imagine. First, I get to hire the best people, Linchpins. I believe every person on the Team is and should be irreplaceable, in their skills and expertise, their cultural contribution, their ideas and attitude. We have that at BuLogics, and while it comes with a cost when someone leaves to pursue even bigger dreams, it’s entirely worth every single day a recognized Linchpin puts in their best efforts for our Team. It’s literally priceless to have that level of commitment and subsequent productivity. And it makes the second part of my job even more fun! It’s a privilege and an honor to be the mouthpiece for such a phenomenal Team. I could not ask for more.

Secret to Success
It’s an old adage, but surrounding yourself with people better than me has proved beyond brilliant. I specifically use “better” than me and not smarter, because everyone is better than me at something, and smarter has connotations with which some of those people may not be comfortable. I can tell you a dozen things at which every single person on my Team is better than me, from dancing to climbing to coding to customer service. It’s an absolute inspiration and keeps me striving to serve them comparably.

Also, I spent a long time finding an industry, position, and Team with whom I could work every day until I was certain I had expended every single ounce of potential in me for them. I resent sleeping, but it’s just a necessity. By the time my head hits the pillow, I know I’m spent and I did every single thing I was capable of doing. Nothing feels better than knowing I’ve wasted no potential. You can’t take it with you!

What’s so special about Philly?
Man, I love this town. I’ve lived and done business throughout the United States, but Philly is by far my favorite. I had the opportunity, when choosing Philadelphia, to choose New York City instead. But there’s a lack of transience to Philadelphia I’ve never felt in NYC. There’s a permanent and perpetual camaraderie and community that I’ve never found elsewhere. Diversity, inclusion, quality of life, innovation, even idiosyncrasies are exceptionally embraced in Philadelphia. There’s a place for everyone in our business community, and the resources to back it up. The City of Love lives up to it’s moniker!

Top Three Tips for Starting a Business
1. Network, network, network.
Join a community relevant to your industry and/or demographic and use that knowledge base for all it’s worth! The community exists in Philly! Guaranteed!
2. Do NOT reinvent the wheel.
The resources mentioned above know vastly more amounts as a community than any one of us as an individual. By all means, don’t do what has already been done. Access someone else’s experience and avoid those speed bumps entirely!
3. Give back.
There are givers and takers. Surround yourself with the former and act accordingly! Especially if you find yourself lost and without direction. Find someone who needs your skills and somewhere to give and you will find your direction every time. When you don’t know what to do next, there is no loss in giving of yourself. To the contrary, that often where the most gains are made.

Favorite Spot in the Region
Hands down, East Falls! I spent twelve months driving through every single neighborhood in Philadelphia when commuting from OKC. I needed somewhere for my work Team and my home Team (three kids and two dogs included)! I had always looked towards the beauty of the Schuylkill River and Trail and missed this gem in my travels. One day I was redirected to Ridge Avenue and I knew immediately I was home. We bought a dilapidated house and began renovations and made more community connections than I ever thought possible! Then we bought an early “talkies” movie theatre to turn into the BuLogics office -across the street from one another! East Falls is hospitality at its best. It’s a hugely diverse community and active across every spectrum for work and family. I’m happy to participate in every community organization in town, because this is my forever home.