Kynectiv is a leading provider of simulation-based products and technology platforms to global audiences.

Kynectiv is a leading provider of simulation-based technology to global audiences. Our platforms enable clients to transform their training programs, offering increased engagement, stronger retention and comprehensive data collection that leads to actionable insights.

Simulation is an experiential, active learning model that has been proven to be highly effective at improving retention and the application of knowledge to enhance or change behaviors. Our solutions transport participants into real world scenarios to assess and improve their knowledge, skills and confidence.

The Kynectiv simulation platform has been adopted by leaders in healthcare, including the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), pharmaceutical companies, medical societies, medical education providers, patient education innovators, and academic institutions. To date, there have been over 200,000 simulation sessions completed and almost 5 million decisions made in the simulations.

Sector: IT
Sub Sector: Education
Industry: Software
Status: Active
County: Chester

Contact Information

Bob Yayac

CEO and Co-Founder

Rene Smith

VP Technology

Jeff Zack

VP Operations