Ben Franklin Approved 1M+ in 6 Early Stage Companies

Companies featured:


Employee Cycle – Philadelphia County

Employee Cycle is changing the way HR leaders use data, beginning with transforming disconnected employee data into a user-friendly, centralized, and real-time HR analytics dashboard. By leveraging APIs from a wide variety of best-in-breed HR systems, we provide a single data-driven view of the entire workforce. This allows HR leaders to better identify, communicate, and solve workforce problems (ex: turnover costs, lack of diversity, gender pay inequality, poor employer brand, etc), avoid risks, and save costs.

Employee Cycle is led by Co-Founder & CEO Bruce Marable and Co-Founder/CTO Salas Saraiya.

Exyn Technologies – Philadelphia County

Exyn Technologies (Exyn) is a world leader in autonomous data acquisition for digitally starved industries in GPS-denied environments with its aerial and ground-based robot systems that autonomously navigate and collect data where maps and GPS do not exist.

A spin-off of the prestigious GRASP Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania, Exyn is commercializing core technologies in the area of self-piloting robotics for digitally starved industries with environments that are dangerous and inaccessible. Its platforms do not rely on human control and the proprietary technology is built upon the fusion of multiple redundant sensors, mapping for obstacle avoidance, and independent planning. Exyn Technologies is VC backed and privately held with headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.

Exyn Technologies is led by Co-Founder Dr. Vijay Kumar, whose groundbreaking research at the GRASP Labs at the University of Pennsylvania is being commercialized, and CEO, Nader Elm; COO, Ben Williams; & CTO, Dr. Jason Derenick.

ChromaTan – Montgomery County

BioTechnology ChromaTan is solving a major process bottleneck in therapeutic protein production while significantly lowering the cost of goods for biotech and contract manufacturing companies. Our CCTC platform provides an inexpensive column-free, continuous and single-use solution that will replace large scale column chromatography processes used in biologics manufacturing. The platform has been through extensive beta testing with over a dozen of major biotech companies and has consistently shown a 5-15X increase in throughput at equivalent or better product quality.

Chromatan is led by Oleg Shinkazh, Founder and CEO.

Kognition – Philadelphia County

Kognition is the world’s first enterprise-level smart property open source platform to provide unprecedented control and protection over your property using existing infrastructure technology as well as new and future technologies. The company uses AI and machine learning, allowing buildings to see, think, act and learn on their own responding to security, property activities, surveillance, logistics, environmental, energy, and maintenance issues.

Kognition is led by Matias Klein, President/CEO; Eric Smith, CFO & Co-Founder; James Carroll, CTO; & Suzanne Hatfield, CMO.

Route Dynamics – Montgomery County

Route Dynamics Corp is first to market, best-in-class and the dominant provider of dynamic route optimization services to aviation fleet operators. Based on groundbreaking NASA technology, our proprietary SmartRoutesTM optimization service provides automatic reroute advisories similar to the “Faster Route Found” function on Google Maps (or Waze) for automobiles, except that we provide more efficient routes for aircraft. SmartRoutesTM is bringing ​to global air travel​ meaningful savings in flight time, jet fuel, harmful emissions, and money.

Route Dynamics is Lead by Rob Kaimowitz, Founder & Chief Executive Officer; Dr. Jill Wittels, Co-Founder, President & Chief Operating Officer; Dave McNally, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer; Dr. George Hunter, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist; Samir Shah, Chief Financial Officer; & Matt Blake, Vice President Solutions.

LeagueSide – Philadelphia County

LeagueSide’s technology platform matches youth sports organizations with sponsors. Through LeagueSide, brands including Verizon, McDonald’s and Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center have achieved their local marketing goals while supporting families in the community.

LeagueSide is led by Evan Brandoff, Co-Founder & CEO, & Zubin Teherani, Co-Founder & COO.