Cybersecurity basics for entrepreneurs, owners, and C-suite stakeholders

Date: July 20, 2021

Time: 1:00 pm

Location: Virtual

Please join us for a webinar as we host an interactive discussion on cybersecurity basics on Tuesday, July 20th at 1:00pm.


Seventy years ago, when asked why he robbed banks, Willie Sutton simply replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” Today, data and information is a defining asset of a business. Not surprisingly, as recent events with Colonial Pipeline confirm, actors with ill intent are targeting these assets for theft , ransom, or mayhem. This topic of cybersecurity is relatively new , evolving rapidly, and one that every C suite executive should have top of mind.

Our webinar will be hosted by a panel including:

  • Bryan Barnhart, Principal of Infiltration Labs, LLC which specializes in forensic investigations, penetration testing, and education services. Bryan is a Former Network Intrusion Incident Response and Digital Evidence Forensic Examiner with the U.S. Secret Service Electric Crime Task Force. He serves as a Network Intrusion Response instructor to the U.S. Secret Service.
  • Emory Vandiver , Vice President of Business Operations and a Partner at Interactive Security, where he is responsible for executing the company’s strategy as a premier IT Security and Compliance provider.
  • Joe Connors, Principal and VP Business Development of CyberCrunch. ( provides NIST certified data destruction and recycling of hardware and storage media that have reached end of useful life.
  • John Frustaci founded Communications Deployment Partners (CDP) in 2007 to deliver a consultative approach to how customers purchase technology services. As an industry veteran of over 30 years, he has served in a number of consulting, sales and executive roles with various technology/telecom providers before establishing CDP.


This informative webinar, is one in a continuing series of Ben sponsored events.

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