Ultraflex Systems, Inc.

Ultraflex® patient inspired solutions are the world’s leading dynamic bracing technology for improving joint and limb range of motion, muscle length and flexibility and walking ability. The Company’s breakthrough Ultraflex One technology is the only bracing technology that can control ALL planes of motion and stretch multiple joints in one orthosis (the act of straightening or bending a limb). The Ultraflex ONE™, is a patent pending, revolutionary technology that provides protection, stability, functional assist and LLPS (low load, prolonged-duration stress) in ONE family of advanced orthoses. Ultraflex’s patented adjustable dynamic response (ADR™) elastomer technology for improving walking is also unique to the market, empowering the clinician and patient with individualized gait adjustments for maximum function right on the patient.

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Key People

Mark DeHarde, B.S.
Founder & CEO

Brad Shirk, B.S.