About Powerlytics

Powerlytics mission is to help its customers manage financial and legal risk by identifying, accessing, assimilating and analyzing relevant data that is currently unavailable to them. Plehn does this by providing unique economic and financial reports and analytical insights from its proprietary algorithms that disaggregate information from publicly available U.S. government-supplied data. Due to the founder’s ten years of consulting to various government reporting agencies, he was given privileged access to aggregated datasets, such as tax returns submitted by individuals and businesses, against which he could test and validate these algorithms. Using advanced statistical techniques based on the Company’s proprietary research and intimate understanding of the data sources underlying the reports, Plehn’s products have been designed to maximize the benefit of combining these government datasets about individuals, customers, suppliers and competitors to enable the financial services industry, municipalities, audit firms, as well as other verticals, to make more informed decisions. To the best available knowledge, Plehn Analytics is the only company producing highly granular reports and analyses derived directly from a combination of these data.