About MyDealerOnline, Inc

MyDealerOnline is a SaaS platform that enables used car dealers to sell the cars before they buy them, while providing consumers access to thousands of cars at considerable discount. This unique platform turns the wholesale-to-retail automotive market into “whole-tail” model. Thousands of wholesale cars from auctions are aggregated and made available to public directly from dealers’ websites. Consumers find a car they are looking for on the dealer’s website, dealer buys that car at the auction the same way he would otherwise, but now without guessing and hoping to attract buyers. And because of this confidence and quick turnaround he can offer it to the customer with a much smaller mark-up. It is a win for everyone: auctions get more exposure, dealers attract more buyers, and consumers have access to wider selection of cars at LOWER costs, through a trusted local dealer.

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Key People

Yury Kaganov