About Advanced Absorbent Technologies

Advanced Absorbent Technologies, LLC (AAT) brings cutting edge absorbent materials and designs to the disposable absorbent personal care products category targeting paradigms that limit the consumer experience. • The first market target will be within the North American retail adult incontinence category. It is a large ($1.5 billion), fast growing category with little competition, a lack of innovation, and unmet consumer and retailer needs. • Most importantly, there is an inherent problem in the existing design. The primary absorbent material, utilized for 45 years, is fiberized wood pulp (fluff); this makes the products thick and stiff, especially after the bag is compressed. It keeps the product damp and cold despite the use of other absorbents and limits the ability to be thinner and more flexible. THE SOLUTION AAT has filed two utility patents for a new absorbent core formulation and design that eliminates the need for fiberized wood pulp. More importantly, the new formulation only works one way, and AAT owns it. It reduces the absorbent core thickness up to 50%, is more flexible and very dry, while improving thermal conductivity. This provides the wearer with significantly more discretion and comfort, which greatly enhances the dignity of the wearer. This new core also reduces the package size over 33%, thereby improving the profit per cubic foot of shelf space for the retailer by at least 50%. The reduced packaging also provides better environmental sustainability by using less plastic and corrugated packaging as well as using less fuel for freight.

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