Philadelphia Tech Startup Lands Contract With U.S. Air Force, Space Force

Mental health tech company NeuroFlow has secured a $1.5 million contract with the United States Department of Defense to roll out its technology at 11 Air Force bases and for the new U.S. Space Force.

Old City-based NeuroFlow’s platform is designed to help health care providers monitor their patients’ moods and emotions, track their progress and react quickly when they’re in crisis.

Its technology was first deployed via an initial trial at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs late last year through AFWERX, an Air Force program aimed at growing innovation in the service.

The trial at Peterson was with the Air Force’s Space Command unit, which is headquartered at the base and became the U.S. Space Force in December 2019. As a result, NeuroFlow CEO Chris Molaro said the company’s new contract is technically split between the Space Force and U.S. Air Force.

The aim of the contract is to help airmen manage mental health and build resiliency. Airmen is the term used to describe both men and women in the Air Force, as well as those in the former Space Command unit as the transition to a separate branch takes place.

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