InfraScan Inc. Announces Issuance of US Patents for Brain Diagnosis

InfraScan, a medical device firm specializing in brain injury and stroke diagnostic products, announced today the issuance by the US Patent Office of three additional patents that cover internal bleeding, brain trauma and stroke detection technologies.

The first patent for invention number US 2020/0229712 A1 is for an optical probe for oximetry measurements. The second patent for invention number US 2020/0170554 A1 is for a non-invasive device for brain edema and autoregulation monitoring device and method. The patent was developed in collaboration with Drexel University, which owns the patent and licensed it exclusively to InfraScan. The third patent for invention number US 10,292,598 B2 is for devices and methods for detection of internal hematoma. This patent was developed in Hadassah Hospital in Israel, which licensed it exclusively to InfraScan.

“The latest patents make claims in connection with near-infrared technology that allows local hypoxia and edema detection in addition to hemorrhage detection,” said Baruch Ben Dor, PhD, president and CEO of InfraScan. “Detecting changes from normal baseline as well as monitoring those parameters in trauma and stroke victims is crucial. It further expands our technology platform portfolio.”

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