Philadelphia is the Top Emerging Startup Ecosystem in the U.S., Report Says

Philadelphia is the top emerging startup ecosystem in the United States, according to a new report from startup research firm Startup Genome.

The list of the top 100 emerging startup ecosystems in the world was released as part of Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report released Thursday. Unlike its rankings focused on the top ecosystems overall – in which global powerhouses Silicon Valley, New York and London take the top spots – Startup Genome’s emerging ecosystem list is designed to highlight metropolitan areas that are “gaining relevance and impacting economies in a meaningful way,” the report said.

Globally, Philadelphia ranks No. 8 behind Mumbai, Jakarta, Zurich, Greater Helsinki, Guangzhou, Barcelona and Madrid.

It is the highest-ranked ecosystem in the United States, followed by the Research Triangle area in North Carolina, which ranks No. 10. Other U.S. cities in the top 20 include Portland at No. 15, Detroit at No. 17 and Minneapolis at No. 19.

In order to compile the emerging startup rankings, Startup Genome’s methodology focused on factors that have more relevance to regions that are beginning to reach high levels of investment and innovation.

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