RoseAnn Rosenthal Steps Down as CEO of Ben Franklin Tech Partners

For 25 years, RoseAnn Rosenthal has served as the president and chief executive officer of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania (Ben Franklin), the region’s largest tech investor.

Last week, Rosenthal announced she will step down as CEO and transition into an emeritus role by January 2021. Ben Franklin’s former chief investment officer, Scott Nissenbaum, will assume the title of president and chief operating officer beginning July 1st.

Rosenthal has played a critical role in expanding technology-based initiatives in the region, in areas as diverse as nanotechnology, alternative energy, and life sciences. Her investment and technology commercialization models attracted more than $500 million in federal, state, local, and private funding to the area. Under her tenure, Ben Franklin invested in more than 2,000 companies, adding as much as $5 billion to the local economy and as many as 32,000 jobs to the Philadelphia region.

NextHealth PHL spoke to Rosenthal about what drove her decision to step down, her hopes for continued progress in Philly’s tech and life sciences community, and what she plans to do next.

NextHealth PHL: What made you decide that now was the right time to step down and transition into an emeritus role?

Rosenthal: This has been coming for a while. I had always planned to step down after 25 years. That anniversary comes up on you faster than you think. But we have been working in the organization to ensure a smooth transition. I felt it was time to turn the reigns over to new leadership and new vision and new energy.

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