Philadelphia Health Tech Firm Raises $1.75M, Plans to Double Headcount

Repisodic, a Philadelphia health care technology company that has developed software to help patients who are being released from the hospital but still need care, has raised $1.75 million from a private stock sale.

The seed round was led by American Enterprise Ventures, a venture capital company and division of American Enterprise Group Inc.

Founded in 2017, Repisodic’s technology was designed to help patients, families and caregivers navigate the transition from the hospital to post-acute care settings such as nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Its platform also includes other follow-up services a patient may need such as home care.

Mike Cwalinski, the company’s co-founder and CEO, said traditionally when a patient is released from a hospital, but not yet ready to go home, a discharge planner or social worker will give the patient or their family members a list of potential places for their post-acute care.

“The sheet paper may have names and address and phone numbers, but not a whole lot of other information,” Cwalinski said. “The family is left to Google search different places or start calling them to find the right (setting).”

Repisodic, he said, has developed technology to curate the post-acute care providers and find those that match the specific care needs of the patient, accept the patient’s insurance and are in a location that meets the patient’s needs.

“We help patients make better and faster decisions at the time of discharge,” Cwalinski said.

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