10 Philly Startups to Watch in 2018

The startup state of mind is alive and well in Philadelphia, and we’ve got ten young companies to prove it.

We put a call out to Philly’s innovation community to get a pulse on the startups we’re most excited about for 2018. The city answered the call with much momentum — we received more than 150 nominations. These startups have each identified a problem and are diligently working to advance their solutions. Presented in alphabetical order, here’s who we have our eyes on. (Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at the startups here.)

Amino Payments

“This has really felt like being shot out of a cannon. We’re doing it all in Philadelphia.” –Will Luttrell, Amino Payments co-founder and CEO


“We’re not disruptive. We’re transformational. If we disrupt, nurses will lose and babies will be harmed. We’re facilitators to a process that’s currently manual and laborious.” -Vidur Bhatnager, Keriton founder and CEO


“It’s rare you find yourself in the unique position to build a billion dollar company. This is a massive opportunity. The bigger we get, the larger impact we make on communities.”
-Evan Brandoff, LeagueSide co-founder and CEO


“Emotional states don’t have to be subjective.”
–Chris Molaro, NeuroFlow co-founder and CEO


“We want to become the single touch point for all types of transportation across the country.” –Mark Switaj, RoundTrip founder and CEO

Read the full list and article here.