This Temple Scholar Launched a Tech Aid for Autism Therapy

For the past decade, Temple University professor John Nosek has been working to find a way technology can help people with autism.

This year, with backing from the National Science FoundationSafeguard Scientifics and Ben Franklin Technology Partners, he launched a solution called the Guidance Assessment and Information System(GAINS), which helps applied behavior analysis professionals collect data and guide therapy decisions when working with autism patients.

A study on a group of 20 instructors using the technology revealed that GAINS (a software/hardware combo) led to a 50 percent increase in student performance. Nosek, a retired Naval captain, is also the founder of Guiding Technologies, a Temple spinoff company in charge of commercializing GAINS.

“The knowledge that children who are born every day with developmental delays will suffer needlessly without a technological innovation such as GAINS—and that I can build it— drives me,” Nosek said in an article published on Temple’s website. “Every child deserves a chance.”

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