4 of the Most Groundbreaking Startups

Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love. It is gaining the reputation of a fast growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a diverse city, it is home to innovative science and information technology (IT) startups.

Progressive Policy Institute, a non-profit organization, and Telnet, an IT solutions consulting firm, are responsible for creating a report on startups around the country. Philadelphia is taking homage as one of 25 Emerging Startup Hubs in the U.S. Here are some of the startups that are responsible for Philadelphia gaining this status:

LIA Diagnostics

LIA Diagnostics founding date is 2015. Their workflow process believes that women should design for women. It also believes that a product should be safe for the environment. This is developing a new type of pregnancy test. You can administer this test in the privacy of your home. There is one thing that makes it different from other types of tests. You will be able to flush the kit down the toilet. Also, the test is a paper product, so it is easy to fold. As a result, this will prevent any privacy issues in the future.

The developers of this product were in a master’s program for the Integrated Product Design at the University of Pennsylvania. For their final project, they were looking for an eco-friendly device. After deciding on a medical device, they chose the pregnancy test.

LIA Diagnostics are winners of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s InnovateHER: 2015 Innovating for Women Business Challenge. They were also the receivers of the DreamIt Ventures accelerator program. This test is in the beta stage. They are predicting that sales of this product will start in 2017.

Oncora Medical

Oncora Medical was found in 2014. It develops software to help radiation oncologists fight cancer. Their product is a tool, which uses data to assist radiation oncologists in making decisions about patient care. In the past, radiation oncologists did not have access to large amounts of previous data. Today, they will be able to access the research and treatment plans from other oncologists.

The initial founder of Oncora Medical is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. While training with a radiation oncologist, many issues were brought to light. After seeing the limitation of access to data, the creation of Oncora Medical was put into motion. Oncora Medical is now offering services to radiation oncologists.

The One Health Company

The One Health Company provides treatment for animals with serious diseases. Their starting date is 2014. The startup is a clinical trial network. They use the same medicine that treats humans with certain types of illnesses. Some of these conditions are bone cancer and lymphoma.

Board Certified Veterinarians administer these medications to the animals. The animals stay at home with their caregivers. Their owners bring them to the clinic for their treatments. The use of treatment data is for future care of animals and humans. The mission of One Health Company is to help humans and animals. During previous trials, 6 million animals were needing treatment.

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