CloudMine and Medical Web Experts Partner to Simplify mHealth Solution-Building for Healthcare Providers

Medical Web Experts, a web and mobile design and development house specializing in tailored healthcare solutions, has announced a partnership with CloudMine, a secure, cloud-based platform that enables healthcare organizations to build connected digital health applications.

Medical Web Experts provides marketing consulting and HIPAA-compliant mHealth and web design and development services to healthcare industry clients. These include medical practices, hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery networks, pharmacies, medical device manufacturers, labs and health IT vendors. Meanwhile, CloudMine offers various developer tools such as HIPAA-compliant data storage, a logic engine to deploy backend code, and support for Apple’s ResearchKit. Because it can significantly simplify development and shorten build time for health app developers, CloudMine will provide Medical Web Experts with not just compliance assistance, but common functionality support.

The idea for the partnership was first sparked by a mutual client, Sway Health. Sway was interested in building a digital health application to make preventive counseling quick, easy, and profitable for providers. Sway had engaged CloudMine as a HIPAA-secure databasing solution for its digital health application, and had contracted with Medical Web Experts to build their platform.

“As a digital health founder, I’m constantly asked by clients whether the information we collect and store in our application is secure and compliant,” said Kevin DePopas, CEO of Sway Health. “By working with CloudMine and MWE, I can rest assured healthcare security experts are taking care of both data storage and development.”

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