PeopleLinx pushes out new sales technology


PeopleLinx has begun rolling out its new social selling platform, PeopleLinx 4, with the backing of its $3.5 million Series A.

For most of the summer, the Center City startup used that funding to develop PeopleLinx 4’s new features, which integrate with its users’ customer relationship management (CRM) platform so they may more easily capitalize upon sales opportunities via social media platforms. Chief Marketing Officer Michael Idinopulos said the rollout should be completed in the next four weeks.

“We’re really delivering a complete and comprehensive guidance to sales professionals on how to engage their buyers across a range of channels,” Idinopulos said. “We are building a really cutting edge product that uses sales data social network integration to drive product sales behaviors.”

PeopleLinx 4 offers four primary new features:

  • Twitter listening: Allows sales people to listen to their prospects and customers on the popular social media platform. This feature is fully integrated in People Linx 4’s CRM, and moderates prospects’ Twitter activity automatically.
  • Progressive curriculum: A “journey” of learning and action that leads users through some of the most basic social upgrades, such as LinkedIn.
  • Live chat support: Offered on PeopleLinx 4, but not in Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • New user interface: A picture here is worth more than the 20 or 30 words I’d otherwise write.

PeopleLinx 4’s launch comes on the heels of two other big product roll outs in Philadelphia’s startup scene.

Curalate recently introduced its new software Curalate Reveal, which makes it easy for bloggers to monetize multiple brands within one image. With SnipSnap’s launch of its new Scout technology, the mobile couponing app evolved to a more complete digital savings concierge.

PeopleLinx was founded in 2009 by Nathan Egan and Patrick Baynes, two former LinkedIn employees who sought a new way to take advantage of social media’s rise.

It was originally a training firm for social selling. It has since pivoted, with more focus on developing its technology, which it has done at a rapid pace.

PeopleLinx has raised a total of $8.16 million as one of the region’s most venture-backed startups. Its previous platform, People Linx 3, came out around this time last year.

“Sales follow-through used to depend on the rep’s diligence and the sales manager’s persistence,” said David DiStefano, the startup’s chief revenue officer. “PeopleLinx is changing that by bringing consistency to the sales process. Our technology automatically prompts salespeople to take the actions that make them successful.”