Non-Disclosure Agreement–Visitor

Because of the nature of the business of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania (“Ben Franklin”), the information provided to visitors is necessarily confidential. Ben Franklin must, therefore, ask that you, as a visitor (“Visitor”), abide by Ben Franklin’s policies and practices with respect to confidentiality. 

The understandings and practices, as applied to Visitors are as follows:

  1. Visitor will maintain any information furnished by Ben Franklin or related source (collectively referred to as “information”) in confidence, and will not, without the prior consent of Ben Franklin, disclose it to any third party.
  2. Visitor will not, without prior written consent of Ben Franklin, reproduce any part of the information
  3. Visitor will, upon request of Ben Franklin, or when the need for the information has ended, return to
    Ben Franklin all written or tangible materials containing any information.
  4. Visitor will comply with all other applicable Ben Franklin policies and procedures regarding confidentiality that may be in effect from time to time. 

It is not intended that Visitor be more burdened against use of information from public sources than he or she would inherently be had he or she not received a given proposal. Accordingly, Visitor will be as free as any third-party to use publicly available information which third-parties would, without the initiative suggested by the proposal, know of and use. Therefore, the obligations of Visitor described in paragraphs 1 through 3 above are limited as follows:

The obligations shall not apply:

  1. To any specific information in a proposal which Visitor had in his or her possession in written or physical form prior to having received the proposal.
  2. To any particular portion of a proposal which in the normal and routine course of Visitor’s work comes into the possession of Visitor from independent non-confidential sources.
  3. To any particular portion of a proposal which becomes a matter of public knowledge through sources independent of Visitor and neither directly nor indirectly through any fault of Visitor.

Effective as of 3/29/18