NextUp: Roundtrip Is Removing Transportation Barriers From Healthcare

Who: Mark Switaj knows patient transportation well. He spent several years working on an ambulance providing direct patient clinical care. In those years, he noticed a recurring issue: the ride to the hospital was stressing patients out.

“I saw people giving up on their healthcare, not because of the care they were going to receive, but because the actual ride to receive that care and everything associated with it distracted them and caused angst, forcing them to say to themselves, ‘I don’t know if I’m going to go to that appointment because the ride in and of itself is so laborious,’” Switaj recalled.

In 2016, Switaj teamed up with a group of area healthcare providers, including nurses, doctors, social workers, hospitals and transportation companies to examine their process for arranging transportation for patients. Using the design thinking methodology, Switaj spent the rest of 2016 developing iterations of a technology platform that could address the major pain points in the healthcare transportation process. In 2017, Switaj, finance expert Angela Damiano, and techie Ankit Mathur co-founded Roundtrip, an on-demand medical transportation company that provides non-emergency medical transportation for healthcare providers and patients.

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