Project Liberty Testimonials

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"When we started at Project Liberty, we were a fledgling startup. The program provided us with an opportunity to deploy an early version of our product into a real world environment and get feedback from a potential customer and users. That experience really helped us improve our product, so we are grateful for the Project Liberty program and the opportunity to work with the people at PMN."

- Josh David, CEO of SETVI

"Versa's partnership with, established during our time at Project Liberty, has been invaluable throughout our journey and long after the conclusion of the program. There is no question that that early market validation and access to customer feedback, for us, has been game-changing."

- Keya Dennenbaum, CEO, Versa (Formerly ElectNext)

"Being a part of the Project Liberty Digital Incubator has presented us with great opportunities that have helped us form key partnerships, meet potential investors, and open doors that, otherwise, might not have been available to us."

- Anthony Ortiz, CEO, Fitly

"Our Project Liberty experience allowed us to test some of core hypotheses and explore whether working with a a major media brand would benefit our company."

- Harshil Parikh, CEO, TuvaLabs

"We were able to successfully deploy an early version of our product and receive valuable feedback from Philadelphia Media Network, a core customer in our target market. That kind of real-world learning is invaluable for a startup."

- Chirantan Bhatt, CEO, tapCLIQ

"Rent is expensive to a startup, so we appreciate the opportunity to share their office space. The facilities and the people are top notch! As the host of Project Liberty, Interstate General Media has been very accommodating and helpful."

- Kevin Brophy, CEO, VUID

"We have learned so much during our time at Project Liberty. The people from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Media Network have been very generous with their time and expertise. We are now in a much better position than before we entered the program."

- Frank Panko, CEO, A View From My Seat