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Participating Startups

Social Ladder
SocialLadder is a mobile platform that drives Product Discovery via a game where consumers discover brands, use social currency to get rewarded, and tell their friends about products that they love. SocialLadder allows brands to build a community of influencers virally, while retaining ownership of the media and conversations generated.

Statum Health
On-demand visit by an experienced board certified primary care practitioner wherever you are, home or office.

Verif-y pioneered the creation of a user managed, verifiable, and secure digital identity. Our platform enables a quick and secure digital verification process, for various credentials such as degrees, transcripts, licenses, and employment histories among others. Verif-y empowers you to create an individualized, highly-secured digital hub of your background – instantaneously accessible across all of your devices.

NeedsList addresses the need for massive innovation in the humanitarian sector with a marketplace connecting local NGOs with individual and corporate donors. NGOs in the field can list itemized needs for goods, services, or donations in real time. Donors can immediately meet needs by purchasing directly from local suppliers on NeedsList, donating funds, and completing tasks.

Jefferson’s List
Politics is a $16 billion a year industry based on “I know a guy.” Jefferson’s List has compiled the largest database of political transactions so now candidates, advisors and donors can hire and support the best talent for campaigns.


ROAR for Good
ROAR for Good’s mission is to reduce the incidence of assaults against women worldwide with fashionable safety accessories and a crime awareness mobile application. The company is engineering a safe alternative to traditional personal defense weapons, such as pepper spray and stun guns that disorient an attacker, alert family and friends, call for help, and cannot be used against the wearer. In addition, ROAR is also launching a mobile application that integrates with the accessories to allow users to gain a better sense of their surroundings.

ProfessorWord helps students learn vocabulary as they read online. This is accomplished by curating interesting
online content from top-quality sites and pairing that content with tools to help students learn vocabulary words in context as they read.

I’m Sorry to Hear
I’m Sorry to Hear is an online community and review site that provides funeral planning and educational tools to consumers researching funeral establishments and related products and services. Touted as "the TripAdvisor of funeral planning" for efficiency in finding and comparing providers with a custom Review platform, it is also a consumer advocacy tool that breaks down the knowledge barriers between the industry and consumers, empowering consumers to make informed decisions based on their own timeline.

SETVI is the premier mobile sales enablement platform. The SETVI platform creates a more efficient sales process, which enables organizations to close more deals and increase sales revenue. SETVI delivers an ROI to three key groups within the traditional sales organization: Sales Leadership, Sales Representatives, and Marketers. Sales Leadership is enabled to define a sales process that finally gives them visibility and control. Sales Representatives spend significantly less time looking for usable materials, building sales presentations, and effectively sharing those materials with customers and prospects. Marketers no longer need to wonder if their materials are being used or if their many pieces of collateral are effective.

Fitly is a mobile/web app that provides nutritional information to families, in order to enable them to make healthier food choices. The company provides a convenient pick-up or delivery service of healthy ingredients, weekly meal plans, and simple prepping instructions to the home, office or community center.

VUID (Verified Unique ID) is a unique mobile digital identification number that enables users to access secure
content from their mobile phones. The first application to utilize the VUID platform is Spotlight, a new social media application which will be released on the iPhone/Android soon. Spotlight users can only post one time per day, encouraging profound content. The most popular content, as judged by the Spotlight community, is rewarded with a significant cash prize at the end of every month.

TuvaLabs aims to enable students to learn math from what they love. TuvaLabs achieves this by taking a
variety of mainstream topics and news stories and transforming them into interactive math problems that are aligned to the Common Core Standards. These interactive learning units are based on a large variety of news topics including sports, politics, science, art, and business. In 2012, TuvaLabs launched in beta mode and is already being utilized by middle schools in Philadelphia, Camden, and New York City. TuvaLabs' residency in Project Liberty has been extended from the previous class.

A View From My Seat
A View From My Seat is a crowd-sourced photo sharing community that helps fans make more informed ticket purchasing decisions. Using the website or mobile app, event goers share photos taken from their seat during sporting events, concerts, and other live events. Then, other users can view those photos as a reference when they are purchasing their own tickets. gets over 300,000 unique visitors per month and has pictures from over 1,600 venues including theater, professional and college sports, and international locations. A View From My Seat's residency in Project Liberty has been extended from the previous class.

tapCLIQ is a user engagement and advertising platform for mobile devices that offers contextual interaction at moments when the user is most receptive. User engagement and especially advertising on mobile devices is generally characterized as inconvenient and even annoying. We believe user experience is at the root of this problem. Our solutions offer the easiest engagement for end users and most insightful experience for advertisers and publishers. tapCLIQ's residency in Project Liberty has been extended from the previous class.

Rumble is a complete technology platform that combines great design, smart analytics, and flexible monetization for newspapers to activate their mobile strategy. With our proprietary technology, Rumble seamlessly transforms content for consumption over mobile devices so that newspapers can start building their mobile audience within hours.

Zaahah makes content social and transforms groups into highly engaged, collaborative communities. Zaahah’s unique, patent pending method of instantly connecting users who have the same interest connects users on over 400 websites (and growing). This includes; search, social, content, ecommerce and university libraries.

CloudMine provides infrastructure-as-a-service for web and mobile apps. Whether you're building something from scratch or need to unlock legacy data, CloudMine frees you of managing a backend and lets you focus on developing great apps for the web and mobile devices across all platforms.

ElectNext is a civic engagement startup that helps anyone, anywhere get informed and stay engaged on their most important political issues. Imagine if you could cast an informed vote in every one of your elections, all the way down your ballot. Rather than relying on party or guesswork, you could choose candidates based on knowledge. Suddenly elections you may never have cared about, or noticed, become accessible.

The SnipSnap app allows anyone to convert a printed coupon into a digital, mobile format, which they can easily search and retrieve on their smartphone. All a user needs to do is snap a picture of the offer and the app works its magic to scan all of the printed text and images. Once scanned, a user can not only redeem, but also get expiration-date notifications and in-store reminders.