Village Capital Pathways

Village Capital Pathways provides training for African American, Latinx, and women founders on what it takes for their ventures to be competitive for early-stage investment and engagement with strategic partners.
VC First Meeting

The program helps entrepreneur’s access institutional investors and corporate partners both in and outside of Pennsylvania.
ImpactPHL Ventures

A $15 million collaborative to grow early stage impact companies in Greater Philadelphia.
The Ben Franklin FinTech Accelerator

Helps stimulate the growth of FinTech start-ups in the Philadelphia region.
Digital Health Seed Funding Initiative

A $6M funding initiative over a four-year period specifically focused on growing early-stage, digital health ventures in Greater Philadelphia.

ImpactPHL unifies stakeholders from the investment, philanthropic, civic, and entrepreneurial ecosystems to lead the growth of a global movement to define Philadelphia’s present and future.
Mentor Connect – Powered by Ben Franklin and PACT

Mentor Connect partners entrepreneurs and teams of mentors for objective, unbiased advice and guidance.
Drexel Ventures Ben Franklin Seed Fund

A $10 million fund that will invest in qualified enterprises from Drexel University.
AWE Ventures – Powered by Ben Franklin

Initiative to expand the potential of women in the entrepreneurial and investing communities.
Temple Ventures – Powered by Ben Franklin

A $1M accelerator designed to assist startups advancing Temple-created technologies.
Ben Franklin Navigator™

Navigator provides market-entry assistance for regional, national and international companies.
PA Life Sciences Connect

PA Life Sciences Connect is a partnership designed to ensure PA’s prominence in the life sciences industry.

VC4BC is a partnership between Bucks County and Ben Franklin to invest $4M.
Ben Franklin FabNet™

FabNet™ is a partnership for prototyping and fabrication utilizing adv. manufacturing technologies.
Project Liberty Digital Incubator

Helps stimulate the growth of digital media and social impact startups in the Philadelphia region.