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Mentor Connect partners entrepreneurs and teams of mentors for objective, unbiased advice and guidance.

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As a free and confidential program, Mentor Connect partners entrepreneurs with expert mentors in the region to help grow business. It provides entrepreneurs with coaching, connections and the tools to build a successful roadmap for emerging growth.

In collaboration with Ben Franklin Technology Partners and PACT, Mentor Connect is modeled after the MIT Venture Mentoring Service.

Who’s it for?

Mentor Connect caters to PACT’s entrepreneurial members as well as Ben Franklin’s Portfolio companies. Mentors will assist entrepreneurs to help develop business skills needed to bring ideas and inventions to market.

How it works?

Mentees receive practical hands-on advice from teams of 2-5 mentors tailored to each venture’s needs. Meeting frequency and length of participation and all business decisions are up to the mentee. Our mentors are here to help and work with the entrepreneurs as long as needed. Mentees are assured impartial and unbiased advice by a code of ethics to which all mentors must adhere. All mentors volunteer from the business community who bring a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and contacts across a broad range of industries and markets.

Why become a mentor?

• To see what tomorrow brings by staying “in the know” of the cutting edge innovations
and leading technologies
• To give back
• To connect with the PACT and Ben Franklin community
• For Team Mentoring - Learn and socialize with peers
• For a rewarding experiences - Satisfaction of helping entrepreneurs
• To advise without personal agenda
• For a monthly meeting - Build community and camaraderie
• Flexibility and formal process - All support provided by Mentor Connect staff for ease of scheduling and staying informed

Mentor Qualifications
• Acceptance of Guiding Principals
• Significant and relevant experience
• Ability to advise and coach through constructive critiquing
• Has the time to participate – 1-2 days a month
• Comfortable with team mentoring
• Role model for mentees

Why become a mentee?

• Free coaching and expertise from seasoned professionals with relevant experience
• Connections with new contacts
• Best practices, successes and failures
• Education and networking with peers through a team of mentors
• Flexibility and formal process - All planning and coordination provided by Mentor Connect staff for ease of scheduling and information

Mentee Qualifications
• PACT member entrepreneur
• Ben Franklin Portfolio company
• Willingness to be mentored
• From all stages of development in the technology and healthcare industries

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