Components Company of America – CCOA

ASICs for IoT Building Management sensor systems.
Kinetic Ceramics

Kinetic Ceramics is powering innovation and revolutionizing industrial hardware with cutting-edge piezoelectric-driven technology and intelligent systems.
Sage Smart Garden

Sage is making the world greener with our smart and simple IoT irrigation products designed to meet the needs of the large and rapidly growing green roof industry.
Augean Robotics

Autonomous farming begins with collaborative robots, and Augean Robotics is driving this trend with a robotic platform called Burro.

We're transforming the way that the live events industry organizes, communicates and executes.

Onvector develops technologies that decontaminate and disinfect industrial wastewater.

LocoRobotics builds exceptional robotics technology to solve humanity’s most pressing problems.

Ghost Robotics

Ghost Robotics™ is revolutionizing legged robotics and the market for autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) used in unstructured terrain and harsh environments.
Independence LED Lighting

Independence LED Lighting is one of the first US manufacturers to meet the Buy American Act (BAA) Compliance for light-emitting diode (LED) commercial and industrial fixtures.
PDA Companies

Sun and Earth creates the best natural household cleaning products and laundry detergents.

EAOS was founded by two motorcycle riders in 2015 with the goal of developing better and simpler audio and communication systems for people in motion.
Deepwave Digital, Inc.

Deepwave Digital directly enables the incorporation of artificial intelligence into radio frequency and wireless systems by providing a full-stack (hardware and software) development and deployment solution.

Plasgro is a subsidiary of Advanced Plasma Solutions that is focused solely on “Plasma Water” and other ways of delivering different plasma radicals to plants.

Asylon was founded in 2015 to automate the back-end infrastructure of the drone industry: power, payload, and data.

Nuvanna is an online startup that helps consumers live a more balanced life, beginning with a supremely comfortable mattress for a good night's rest - a key ingredient of a healthy lifestyle.

TemitroniK, a spinoff of IMET Corporation, is the most flexible LED Board, IoT Control, and Turnkey Solutions Provider to the Lighting Industry.

Over 100 school districts, colleges, state/local governments and sporting venues save over 5 million kWh every year with Bert®.
Advanced Chocolate Technologies

Optical Inventory Solutions, LLC

OIS uses cameras with Optical Character and Image Recognition to manage inventory.

BumpOut Bluetooth Speaker is the world's first truly portable speaker that features Motorized Expansion Technology™.

Clem’ is the first EV car sharing solution to connect to the “Smart Grid” for “Smart City” projects in peri-urban hubs.
Electro-Tech Systems, Inc.

ETS mission is to provide customers with high quality, value-driven technology solutions that solve customer problems with ESD and environmental control issues.

BarVision has an IoT-patented SmartSpout™ and tilt-sensor technology that automatically records liquor, beer and wine pours.
Advanced Absorbent Technologies, LLC

Advanced Absorbent Technologies, LLC (AAT) brings cutting edge absorbent materials and designs to the disposable absorbent personal care products category targeting paradigms that limit the consumer experience.
Folia Water

Folia Water has created the world's first consumer goods water filter: Folia Filters™. Our global vision is to reach the 1.8 billion people who consume microbiologically contaminated drinking water as well as the 2 billion people who pay the poverty penalty: overpaying in time, energy, or money to obtain safe drinking water.
Orange Maker

Orange Maker, founded in 2013, is a high-resolution 3D printing technology company with a mission to provide advanced additive manufacturing systems and materials to professional designers and engineers.

Cyber Crunch®, previously known as Commonwealth Computer Recycling has taken the electronics recycling industry by storm with a unique approach to finding value in e-waste.
Ultraflex Systems, Inc.

Ultraflex® patient inspired solutions are the world’s leading dynamic bracing technology for improving joint and limb range of motion, muscle length and flexibility and walking ability.
ESS Energy Products

ESS designs, manufactures and sells revolutionary energy saving products throughout much of the continental United States.
Ecliptic Industries

An advanced manufacturer of foundry tooling.
ROAR for Good

ROAR for Good is aimed at diminishing attacks against women using wearables, mobile technology and education.

EnviroKure manufactures and distributes pathogen-free, liquid organic fertilizers.
Rocker Tools

An innovative designer, manufacturer, and distributor of specialty construction tools.
Opertech Bio

A revolutionary approach to taste testing.
H20 Degree

A manufacturer of solutions for measuring, controlling & billing utility cost in apartments.
The Greater Knead

A gluten-free and allergen free bagel manufacturer based in Manayunk.

BuLogics develops innovative, energy-saving technology products.

Polynetworks has developed a real-time PaaS (platform-as-a-service) for data capture, process and transmission.
Fischer Block

Fischer Block brings an unprecedented value proposition to the electrical power industry.
Defend Your Head

Defend Your Head created a soft shell technology to form-fit the outer shell of most helmets.
Dynamic Energy Solutions

A provider of renewable energy solutions that reduce costs and improve the environment.

NETMINDER’s mission is to increase the sustainable efficacy of saltwater nets, traps, and related equipment.

LUXTECH designs, develops and engineers LED modules.
Smart Structures

The global leader in wireless Embedded Data Collector (EDC) solutions used to determine pile capacity and integrity in real-time.
Solar Grid Storage

Develops battery storage systems co-located with PV systems.
Telefactor Robotics

Creating advanced video and dexterity solutions for telepresence and robotics.

Offers a full line of audio networking products.
UgMO Technologies

The pioneer in rootzone monitoring and management.

Leading supplier of sport mouth guards and mouth guard cases.
Valence Process Equipment

Focused on the design & production of superior performing Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) systems.
CeeLite Technologies

An emerging clean technology lighting company.
Viridity Energy

Provides large energy consumers with powerful tools to increase energy efficiency and create energy revenues.

Brings high quality, reliable and affordable real-time location technology to healthcare.
Chandler Bats

A Philadelphia based company that manufactures wooden bats.
Christini Technologies

Manufactures all-wheel drive mountain bikes and motorcycles.
Clear Align

Clear Align is an optical engineering and systems integration company strategically focused on imaging, lasers, and fiber optics.
Community Energy

A clean energy company uniquely positioned on both sides of the supply-demand equation.
K Technology

Providing k-Core based solutions to major aerospace and avionics manufacturers since 1995.
Novetas Solutions

Processes and markets recycled glass.

PartMaker is the CAD/CAM choice of many of the world’s leading production machining organizations.
Sage Technologies

An experienced engineering service company.
ScentSational Technologies

The leader in scent emitting Scented Packaging technologies.
OxiCool, Inc.

OxiCool, Inc. has pioneered innovative cooling technologies by using water as the refrigerant.
Alencon Systems

Alencon Systems is completing development of utility scale power inverters.
QUANTA Technologies, Inc.

QUANTA Technologies develops and markets advanced coating technologies and products.
RealWinWin, Inc.

RealWinWin developed a comprehensive business process outsourcing solution designed to manage rebate collection.
Holganix, LLC

Holganix is a manufacturer of 100% organic, bionutritional turf and plant products.
AgileSwitch, LLC

AgileSwitch offers next generation gate drivers for fast, sure control of IGBTs.
Tangent Energy Solutions, Inc.

Tangent Energy Solutions saves commercial and industrial (C&I) companies 10% to 20% in energy costs.
Brad’s Raw Chips, LLC

Brad's Raw Chips are crunchy snacks made with healthy, natural ingredients, flavors and that’s it!
Endless Pools

Endless Pools designs, manufactures, and sells counter-current swimming and exercise machines.
Lap Belt Cinch, Inc.

Lap Belt Cinch developed the CG-Lock, which enhances seat belt performance.
NanoPack, Inc.

NanoPack manufactures polymeric coatings and coated polymeric films.

Zagster provides complete bike sharing and bicycle rental solutions.
Silicon Power Corporation

Silicon Power Corporation is a Center of Excellence technology developer and solutions provider.