Fellow (formerly Towerview) Health helps chronically ill patients better manage complex medication regimens.

XeroThera focusses on orthopedic and resistant infections.
SFA Therapeutics

SFA Therapeutics offer a new approach to treating chronic inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn's disease, psoriasis, hepatitis B, and certain types of cancer.
TalexMedical, LLC

TalexMedical is the proud producer of Infantear - a revolutionary Class I medical device for the treatment of external ear deformities in newborns.
Melzi Corporation

Melzi is developing the Surgeons' Needle Finder. The Melzi Needle Finder helps surgeons quickly locate needles lost during surgical procedures.

Sciaderm is developing a new and novel treatment for psoriasis with a mode of action that is different from othersents currently in use.
Instadiagnostics Inc.

Instadiagnostics Inc., is developing a rapid, quantitative, point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platform with the aim of bringing centralized laboratory testing to the patient’s bedside.
PolyCore Therapeutics LLC

PolyCore Therapeutics LLC is a drug development company spinout from Drexel University focused on development of products for CNS disorders.
Jenrin Discovery

Jenrin Discovery is developing potential therapeutics for chronic diseases including
NAFLD/NASH, diabetes and obesity.

SonoSolve is a revolutionary new device that aims to eliminate catheter-associated complications, using non-invasive sound waves to clear obstructions and biofilms within catheters.
Cagent Vascular

Cagent Vascular is a medical device company developing minimally invasive technologies to treat cardiovascular disease.
Atrin Pharmaceuticals

A dynamic biopharmaceutical firm focused on the discovery and development of proprietary medications
Makaha Medical

An early stage medical device company focused on intra-vascular diagnostics.
Lia Diagnostics

Developing a new pregnancy test for women who value privacy and sustainability.
Mitochon Pharmaceuticals

Focuses on developing drugs that target the mitochondria for a host of serious diseases.
Advent Therapeutics

Provides therapies for micro-orphan applications.
Dynamis Skin Science

Dynamis Skin Science develops and markets topical skin health and anti-aging products.
QLIDA Diagnostics

QLIDA Diagnostics develops next-generation biomarker diagnostic tests.
RMH Sciences

RMH Sciences aims to commercialize newly discovered antibiotics.

OrthogenRx develops and commercializes class-III orthopedic medical devices.
Photosonix Medical

PhotoSonix Medical is developing a treatment for dermal diseases generated by bacterial biofilm.
Allevi, Inc

Allevi is helping to create an ecosystem to create 3D tissues and one-day organs for both pharmaceutical and clinical use.

Biomeme created a mobile lab for advanced DNA diagnostics and real-time disease surveillance.
Halo Labs

Halo Labs manufactures scientific equipment for pharmaceutical particle analysis.
X-Nav Technologies

X-Nav Technologies develops surgical solutions for the dental market.
Topaz Pharmaceuticals

A start-up company that plans to develop and market pediatric medicines.

An orthobiologics and biosurgery company that develops and markets innovative medical implants.

Develops innovative, all natural pain management treatments.
Aprecia Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical company built upon an innovative and proprietary 3DP technology platform.
Relmada Therapeutics

A clinical stage, public specialty pharmaceutical company.

Develops new diagnostic assays using monoclonal antibody technology.
Stabiliz Orthopaedics

Develops novel enhancements to existing orthopaedic medical devices.

Driven to expand the boundaries of science to improve human health.
Technical Vision

Developing a device that senses the immediate environment for a visually impaired person.
Ceptaris Therapeutics

Develops potentially ground-breaking treatments for conditions such as drug addiction and cancer.
TherimuneX Pharmaceuticals

A drug discovery and development company located in Doylestown, PA.
Corridor Pharmaceuticals

Conducts research and development on seratonin receptor antagonists.

Develops, manufactures, and distributes a balloon device and techniques to treat urologic problems in humans.
Essential Medical

Medical device company specializing in vascular products.

Committed to developing and commercializing innovative products that address unmet medical needs.
Janssen Biotech

Dedicated to improving the health of individuals living with serious conditions.
Vy Corporation

Specializes in shape detection and object analysis software and services.

A medical device company focused on tools and treatments of diabetes related foot disease.
MBF Therapeutics

Dedicated to advancing the standard of cancer care for companion animals.
NeoForce Group

A medical device company serving the Neonatal/Perinatal area of the U.S. hospital market.
Neuro Diagnostic Devices

Addresses important unmet needs in the neurosurgical market.
Niiki Pharma

A development-focused oncology company specializing in first-in-class cancer treatments.

Specializing in the acquisition and development of neuroscience therapeutics.
Onconova Therapeutics

A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company.
BioDetego, LLC

BioDetego is dedicated to the development and commercialization of the next generation of cancer diagnostics.
QR Pharma, Inc.

QR Pharma, Inc. is a clinical stage company for the treatment of Parkinson's.
Progenra, Inc.

Progenra, Inc. is dedicated to finding new medicines for a variety of diseases by targeting the ubiquitin pathway.
Eagle Vision Pharmaceutical Corp.

Eagle Vision Pharm. develops a cardiovascular imaging agent.
EyeIC, Inc.

EyeIC has developed a proprietary change detection technology for the computer-aided monitoring of glaucoma.
NexusPharma, Inc.

NexusPharma is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery of novel therapeutics.
Real Time Tomography, LLC

Real-Time Tomography focuses on development of novel imaging techniques and software.
DermAvance Pharmaceuticals

DermAvance markets and sells anti-aging facial products.
Bioconnect Systems, Inc.

Bioconnect Systems focuses on improving vascular access in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients.
BioNano Genomics, Inc.

BioNano Genomics aims to make genome understanding more accessible.
Morphotek, Inc.

Morphotek develops and manufactures therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer, inflammation, and infectious disease.
ZSX Medical

ZSX Medical is a pre-clinical stage medical device company improving minimally-invasive surgery.
Gentis, Inc.

Gentis provides injectable biomaterials for tissue augmentation and cell delivery.