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You have the resources. You know how to identify investments that create strong returns. Now you need a partner to help you identify investment opportunities that explore the true potential of emerging technologies, while managing risk for your investments with a hands on approach.

We are that partner. By supporting more than 1,750 seed stage companies to develop what it takes for commercial success, we’ve helped build a thriving community of IT, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences-based companies in Southeastern Pennsylvania. With 44 deals closed in 2013 alone, Ben is recognized by Price Waterhouse Coopers as one of the top 20 most active venture investors in the U.S..

Along the way, we’ve proudly earned a reputation for caring more than others by helping our entrepreneurs to succeed in ways that most investor’s don’t. Our hands on approach goes beyond capital to provide ongoing counsel and connections that help entrepreneurs to succeed and your investments to grow.

We’ve got some great success to share. Let’s get started.

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