AboutOne is a secure online family management system.

AcademyOne is a consulting and software development firm working in higher education.

Accolade is a personalized health and benefits solution that dramatically improves the experience, outcomes and cost of healthcare for employers, health plans and their members.
Advanced Absorbent Technologies, LLC

Advanced Absorbent Technologies, LLC (AAT) brings cutting edge absorbent materials and designs to the disposable absorbent personal care products category targeting paradigms that limit the consumer experience.
Advanced Chocolate Technologies

Advanced Mobile

Helping our clients succeed in mobile.
Advent Therapeutics

Provides therapies for micro-orphan applications.
AgileSwitch, LLC

AgileSwitch offers next generation gate drivers for fast, sure control of IGBTs.

Ajungo turns your web-traffic into foot-traffic.
Alencon Systems

Alencon Systems is completing development of utility scale power inverters.
Allevi, Inc

Allevi is helping to create an ecosystem to create 3D tissues and one-day organs for both pharmaceutical and clinical use.

AlphaPoint is the leading currency exchange technology platform.
Altosoft, A Kofax Company

Altosoft is the leader in process-aware business intelligence solutions.
Analytical Graphics

Develops commercial modeling and analysis software.
Amino Payments

Amino Payments combines technologies from blockchain, payments, and adtech to bring transparency, integrity, and auditability to online advertising and solve the industry’s ongoing problems of ad fraud, arbitrage, and inaccurate payments.

Animotion is affordable mobile technology for joint care.
Appligent Document Solutions

Appligent specializes in providing Software and Services for processing PDF content.

Provides the world’s most robust platform for teaching and learning real-world skills.
Aprecia Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical company built upon an innovative and proprietary 3DP technology platform.
Arcadian Telepsychiatry

Provides psychiatrists and therapists via televideo conferencing.
Asset VUE

RFID based asset management and data center management solutions.

Astarte Medical is the first microbial health informatics company.

Asylon was founded in 2015 to automate the back-end infrastructure of the drone industry: power, payload, and data.
Atrin Pharmaceuticals

A dynamic biopharmaceutical firm focused on the discovery and development of proprietary medications

AuDIGENT is an audience intelligence platform that improves video ad targeting across mobile, social, and over-the-top (OTT) digital TV channels.
Augean Robotics

Autonomous farming begins with collaborative robots, and Augean Robotics is driving this trend with a robotic platform called Burro.

Offers a full line of audio networking products.
Avisi Technologies

Avisi is a pre-clinical stage medical devices company developing VisiPlate, a nanotechnology-enabled ocular implant for treating glaucoma.
Bainbridge Health

Bainbridge Health is making the hospital a safer place for patients by reducing medication errors.

Bakround is an AI company focused on recruiting and employee retention in the healthcare industry.

BarVision has an IoT-patented SmartSpout™ and tilt-sensor technology that automatically records liquor, beer and wine pours.

Over 100 school districts, colleges, state/local governments and sporting venues save over 5 million kWh every year with Bert®.

Women's health reimagined! BINTO is a digitally-native health company that connects women to health professionals and personalized supplements for an attainable price point.
Bioconnect Systems, Inc.

Bioconnect Systems focuses on improving vascular access in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients.
BioDetego, LLC

BioDetego is dedicated to the development and commercialization of the next generation of cancer diagnostics.

Biomeme created a mobile lab for advanced DNA diagnostics and real-time disease surveillance.
BioNano Genomics, Inc.

BioNano Genomics aims to make genome understanding more accessible.
Blogger Republik

Blogger Republik offers an eCommerce, product development and data platform to social Influencers with strong followings on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.
Brad’s Raw Chips, LLC

Brad's Raw Chips are crunchy snacks made with healthy, natural ingredients, flavors and that’s it!

Leading supplier of sport mouth guards and mouth guard cases.

BuLogics develops innovative, energy-saving technology products.

BumpOut Bluetooth Speaker is the world's first truly portable speaker that features Motorized Expansion Technology™.

Buyside is a data science & marketing company on a mission to help real estate brokerages profit from their largest untapped asset: big data.

Byndr connects students, teachers and colleges on a simple, fast and mobile-first learning platform.
Cagent Vascular

Cagent Vascular is a medical device company developing minimally invasive technologies to treat cardiovascular disease.

CampusESP helps colleges and universities focus parent and family involvement on recruiting effectiveness, student retention, and parent giving.
CeeLite Technologies

An emerging clean technology lighting company.

Develops new diagnostic assays using monoclonal antibody technology.

Brings high quality, reliable and affordable real-time location technology to healthcare.

Driven to expand the boundaries of science to improve human health.
Ceptaris Therapeutics

Develops potentially ground-breaking treatments for conditions such as drug addiction and cancer.
Chandler Bats

A Philadelphia based company that manufactures wooden bats.

Choosito is a Philadelphia-based early stage NSF-funded company with cutting edge technology that brings elite personalized learning to every child.
Christini Technologies

Manufactures all-wheel drive mountain bikes and motorcycles.
Clear Admit

Clear Admit is a digital media platform and community comprised of talented young professionals around the world who are seeking an edge in the graduate business school admissions process.
Clear Align

Clear Align is an optical engineering and systems integration company strategically focused on imaging, lasers, and fiber optics.

Clem’ is the first EV car sharing solution to connect to the “Smart Grid” for “Smart City” projects in peri-urban hubs.

Eliminates the need for mobile app developers to build custom back-end solutions for their mobile apps.

Cloudnexa architects, deploys and manages cloud infrastructure.

Clutch empowers businesses to understand, engage, & transform existing customers into higher value advocates.
Cognitive Operational Systems (COSY)

COSY’s omni-channel software platform prepares retailers with a solution for their inventory needs in the 21st Century.

ColdLight has one purpose - making data science simple.

Enables professional photographers and development labs to quickly create event websites.
Community Energy

A clean energy company uniquely positioned on both sides of the supply-demand equation.
Components Company of America – CCOA

ASICs for IoT Building Management sensor systems.

ContentWatch, Inc. is an innovative company focused on delivering Internet protection solutions for the consumer, library, education, government, and business markets.
Core Solutions

Core Solutions is the progressive leader for behavioral health groups.

Leading provider of Hosted PBX and VoIP services for Mid-Atlantic based businesses with 5 to 100+ employees.
Corridor Pharmaceuticals

Conducts research and development on seratonin receptor antagonists.
CRO Analytics

CRO Analytics offers the only Clinical Trial Quality System (CTQS).
Cross X Platform, LLC

CXP accelerates professional services firms’ capacity to scale and deliver results that business leaders expect.

Cyber Crunch®, previously known as Commonwealth Computer Recycling has taken the electronics recycling industry by storm with a unique approach to finding value in e-waste.
Dancing Dots

Dancing Dots helps blind and low vision people to read, write and record music.
Dash Solutions

Dash has drastically lowered the compliance burden in healthcare by automating compliance monitoring and maintenance in the cloud.

Provides health care organizations with dynamic point of care solutions.
Deepwave Digital, Inc.

Deepwave Digital directly enables the incorporation of artificial intelligence into radio frequency and wireless systems by providing a full-stack (hardware and software) development and deployment solution.
Defend Your Head

Defend Your Head created a soft shell technology to form-fit the outer shell of most helmets.
Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi is the first and only integration solution built in the cloud, to fully exploit the value of the cloud.
DermAvance Pharmaceuticals

DermAvance markets and sells anti-aging facial products.

Digitability is an online training program teaching digital literacy to individuals with cognitive disabilities to promote workforce inclusion.
Document Depository Company

Offers integrated SaaS application suites, Radar and Sonar.

Empowers you and your teammates to share information in real time.
Dr. Ayala’s Magic Spice

Dr. Ayala’s innovative products deliver practical solutions to boost flavor and nutritional value.
Dynamic Energy Solutions

A provider of renewable energy solutions that reduce costs and improve the environment.
Dynamis Skin Science

Dynamis Skin Science develops and markets topical skin health and anti-aging products.
Eagle Vision Pharmaceutical Corp.

Eagle Vision Pharm. develops a cardiovascular imaging agent.

EAOS was founded by two motorcycle riders in 2015 with the goal of developing better and simpler audio and communication systems for people in motion.
Eclipse Services

Integrated workflow and accounts receivable programs for college and university newspapers.
Ecliptic Industries

An advanced manufacturer of foundry tooling.
Edgewise Realty

Simplifies residential development by providing pre-construction homes directly to buyers.
Electro-Tech Systems, Inc.

ETS mission is to provide customers with high quality, value-driven technology solutions that solve customer problems with ESD and environmental control issues.
enAble Games

enAbleGames produces Active Video Games to support physical therapy for children and adults with cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular conditions.
Endless Pools

Endless Pools designs, manufactures, and sells counter-current swimming and exercise machines.

EnviroKure manufactures and distributes pathogen-free, liquid organic fertilizers.
ESS Energy Products

ESS designs, manufactures and sells revolutionary energy saving products throughout much of the continental United States.
Essential Medical

Medical device company specializing in vascular products.
EyeIC, Inc.

EyeIC has developed a proprietary change detection technology for the computer-aided monitoring of glaucoma.

Fellow (formerly Towerview) Health helps chronically ill patients better manage complex medication regimens.
Fischer Block

Fischer Block brings an unprecedented value proposition to the electrical power industry.

Fitly.com makes it easy cook delicious, healthy recipes in 30 minutes or less.

An eCommerce company committed to delivering working families access to great brands at affordable prices on the items most critical to keep their lives moving forward.

Data management system focused primarily on the water utility and environmental fields.
Folia Water

Folia Water has created the world's first consumer goods water filter: Folia Filters™. Our global vision is to reach the 1.8 billion people who consume microbiologically contaminated drinking water as well as the 2 billion people who pay the poverty penalty: overpaying in time, energy, or money to obtain safe drinking water.

Galileo uniquely provides medical insights to help radiologists do their jobs faster and better.
Gentis, Inc.

Gentis provides injectable biomaterials for tissue augmentation and cell delivery.
Ghost Robotics

Ghost Robotics™ is revolutionizing legged robotics and the market for autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) used in unstructured terrain and harsh environments.
Grand Round Table

GRT is an innovative clinical decision support tool integrated into the electronic health record.
Grassroots Unwired

A mobile sales enablement tool for anyone conducting customer acquisition and engagement in the field.

Greenphire puts the power of technology in your hands to make global clinical payments simpler, faster and easier to track.
GSI Health

GSI Health unites patients, doctors, and payers of all kinds, supporting collaborative, “whole person” health care for effective population health management within complex populations.
Guiding Technologies

Guiding Technologies is a Philadelphia-based start-up dedicated to helping individuals with autism reach their full potential.
H20 Degree

A manufacturer of solutions for measuring, controlling & billing utility cost in apartments.

Habitat helps restaurants by providing them a single delivery fleet for all of their orders.
Halo Labs

Halo Labs manufactures scientific equipment for pharmaceutical particle analysis.
Hava Health, Inc

Hava's mission is to help improve outcomes for people who are battling nicotine addiction.

Haystack created a next-generation behavioral patient privacy monitoring system, used by leading health systems to detect, investigate, and report patient privacy violations.
Health Market Science

HMS helps businesses and government entities solve complex business challenges.
HealthQx, LLC

HealthQX is the leader in Value-based Payment (VBP) analytic software solutions for health plans and health systems.
HGE Health

HGE Health has developed a clinical services platform that enables Providers and their COPD patients to improve a patient’s quality of life and respond to early changes their day-to-day symptoms.
Holganix, LLC

Holganix is a manufacturer of 100% organic, bionutritional turf and plant products.

Houwzer is a modern, fairly priced real estate agency for savvy home owners.
Hybrid Software

Provides the "missing link" between MIS systems, web-to-print portals, and prepress workflow.

identiMetrics is the leader in biometric finger scanning technology solutions.
ImaGem, Inc.

ImaGem is a gem information company based on patented technology for grading and identifying gems.
ImmERge Labs

ImmERge Labs uses virtual and augmented reality to re-imagine how the world prepares for emergency situations.
Independence LED Lighting

Independence LED Lighting is one of the first US manufacturers to meet the Buy American Act (BAA) Compliance for light-emitting diode (LED) commercial and industrial fixtures.

Infonautics created a research tool for subscribers to the Prodigy online service called Homework Helper.
Innovative Supply Solutions, LLC

Innovative Supply Solutions (ISS) is a unique clinical trial and drug supply chain technology and service organization.
Instadiagnostics Inc.

Instadiagnostics Inc., is developing a rapid, quantitative, point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platform with the aim of bringing centralized laboratory testing to the patient’s bedside.

InstaMed is the leading payments network for healthcare.
Instinct Science

Instinct Science, LLC is a greater Philadelphia-based animal health company that helps the world’s state-of-the-art veterinary practices streamline their care through medically-driven invoicing and thoughtful automation.
InvisAlert Solutions

A patent-pending technology that delivers patient monitoring compliance and risk management for inpatient healthcare.
Isoma Diagnostics

Isoma Diagnostics is focused on helping find a cure for one of the deadliest forms of cancer in the world called Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM).
Janssen Biotech

Dedicated to improving the health of individuals living with serious conditions.
Jefferson’s List

Jefferson's List brings transparency to hiring in the political industry by neatly displaying difficult to find yet public data.
Jenrin Discovery

Jenrin Discovery is developing potential therapeutics for chronic diseases including
NAFLD/NASH, diabetes and obesity.

K Technology

Providing k-Core based solutions to major aerospace and avionics manufacturers since 1995.

A medical device company focused on tools and treatments of diabetes related foot disease.
Keriton, LLC

Keriton is working with Penn Medicine to develop a new gold-standard for breast milk management.

Provides access to quality coaching, collaboration, and mentorship opportunities.
Kinetic Ceramics

Kinetic Ceramics is powering innovation and revolutionizing industrial hardware with cutting-edge piezoelectric-driven technology and intelligent systems.
Kinos Medical

Kinos Medical unites contemporary implant design with fully integrated software to offer holistic solutions for patients with ankle arthritis.

Kognition is the world's first enterprise-level smart property open source platform to provide unprecedented control and protection over your property using existing infrastructure technology as well as new and future technologies.

Kynectiv is a leading provider of simulation-based products and technology platforms to global audiences.
Lap Belt Cinch, Inc.

Lap Belt Cinch developed the CG-Lock, which enhances seat belt performance.

LeagueSide's technology platform matches youth sports organizations with sponsors.
Lia Diagnostics

Developing a new pregnancy test for women who value privacy and sustainability.

The 401(k) for health.
LifeSensors, Inc.

LifeSensors, Inc. is a biotechnology company develops technologies for therapeutic, drug discovery, and research markets.

Delivers advanced discovery into consumer attitudes and needs by analyzing unstructured data.

Founded in 2015, Lithero is an AI software company that uses machine learning to streamline marketing regulatory compliance review in the life sciences industry.

Livegenic delivers technology to enhance the customer service environment.
Loan Logics

Dedicated to improving the transparency, accuracy and quality of consumer loan commerce.
LoanStar Technologies

LoanStar solves banks' largest challenge, finding lending opportunities, by enabling them to offer instant point-of-sale consumer loans.

LocoRobotics builds exceptional robotics technology to solve humanity’s most pressing problems.

An e-commerce company selling “larger than life” customized and self-adhesive artwork.

Our Services and Software model makes growth or entry into this space an investment in process, not personnel.

LUXTECH designs, develops and engineers LED modules.
Makaha Medical

An early stage medical device company focused on intra-vascular diagnostics.

Make-Sense was created to assist organizations with their digital accessibility projects. Our SaaS platform makes this ongoing problem much more agile, easy, and cost effective.
MBF Therapeutics

Dedicated to advancing the standard of cancer care for companion animals.
Medical Nutrition Innovation

MNI’s structured lipid technology (LXS) enables the absorption of essential fatty acids, ‘good’ dietary long chain fats and calories without the need for digestive enzymes which is critical for the patients that have a digestive disease.

A simple way to help fans navigate the crowd and improve their experience at large events.
Melzi Corporation

Melzi is developing the Surgeons' Needle Finder. The Melzi Needle Finder helps surgeons quickly locate needles lost during surgical procedures.

Metispro is a cloud-based point of sales and e-commerce platform.

Provides a central digital hub for municipalities, businesses and organizations to reach conscientious consumers.
Miria Systems, Inc.

Miria Systems provides ECM solutions and Energy/Environmental Management applications in the cloud.
Mitochon Pharmaceuticals

Focuses on developing drugs that target the mitochondria for a host of serious diseases.
Moda Technology Partners

Provides mobile data acquisition solutions for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Monetate is the global leader in cloud-based testing, email optimization, and in-the-moment personalization software.
Morphotek, Inc.

Morphotek develops and manufactures therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer, inflammation, and infectious disease.
MyDealerOnline, Inc

MyDealerOnline is a SaaS platform that enables used car dealers to sell the cars before they buy them, while providing consumers access to thousands of cars at considerable discount.
NanoPack, Inc.

NanoPack manufactures polymeric coatings and coated polymeric films.

Biotech focused on enhancing the immune system to fight cancer by removing the effect of factors produced or induced by tumor cells which inhibit the cancer-fighting humoral immune system.
NeoForce Group

A medical device company serving the Neonatal/Perinatal area of the U.S. hospital market.
Near-Miss Management

Near-Miss Management (NMM) is transforming the way industrial operations detect and manage their process risks.

NETMINDER’s mission is to increase the sustainable efficacy of saltwater nets, traps, and related equipment.
Neuro Diagnostic Devices

Addresses important unmet needs in the neurosurgical market.

NeuroFlow integrates and coordinates evidence based behavioral health care in traditional medical settings.
NexusPharma, Inc.

NexusPharma is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery of novel therapeutics.
Niiki Pharma

A development-focused oncology company specializing in first-in-class cancer treatments.
Novetas Solutions

Processes and markets recycled glass.

Specializing in the acquisition and development of neuroscience therapeutics.

Nuvanna is an online startup that helps consumers live a more balanced life, beginning with a supremely comfortable mattress for a good night's rest - a key ingredient of a healthy lifestyle.
Onconova Therapeutics

A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company.
Oncora Medical

Oncora Medical develops software that is revolutionizing the way doctors treat cancer with radiation.

Helps some of the biggest names in sports engage and monetize their audiences through any screen.

Onvector develops technologies that decontaminate and disinfect industrial wastewater.
Opertech Bio

A revolutionary approach to taste testing.
Optical Inventory Solutions, LLC

OIS uses cameras with Optical Character and Image Recognition to manage inventory.

Orai is an Artificial Intelligent (AI) Speech Coach that helps people become more effective and confident communicators.
Orange Maker

Orange Maker, founded in 2013, is a high-resolution 3D printing technology company with a mission to provide advanced additive manufacturing systems and materials to professional designers and engineers.
Orion Security LSP

Fleet management technology and the experienced team behind it.

OrthogenRx develops and commercializes class-III orthopedic medical devices.

Developing absorbable suite of bone fixation and drug delivery devices including absorbable screws, pins and possibly plates to repair the millions of broken bones occurring each year.

An orthobiologics and biosurgery company that develops and markets innovative medical implants.
OxiCool, Inc.

OxiCool, Inc. has pioneered innovative cooling technologies by using water as the refrigerant.

Offers a SaaS to efficiently advise doctors on patients with different prescription medication needs.
PDA Companies

Sun and Earth creates the best natural household cleaning products and laundry detergents.
Parallel Computers Technology, Inc.

Parallel Computers Technology provides real time synchronized databases on multiple processors.

PartMaker is the CAD/CAM choice of many of the world’s leading production machining organizations.

Talent retention service provider that uses student debt pay-down as a way to reduce employee turnover.

Social selling made easy.

The company has developed a painless saliva test to enable early detection of oral squamous cell carcinoma.
Phenom People

Attracts phenomenal people with the world’s first Talent Relationship Marketing Platform.
Photosonix Medical

PhotoSonix Medical is developing a treatment for dermal diseases generated by bacterial biofilm.
Piano Software

Piano is the digital content monetization and audience intelligence platform for the world’s largest and most sophisticated media companies.

Plasgro is a subsidiary of Advanced Plasma Solutions that is focused solely on “Plasma Water” and other ways of delivering different plasma radicals to plants.
PolyCore Therapeutics LLC

PolyCore Therapeutics LLC is a drug development company spinout from Drexel University focused on development of products for CNS disorders.

Polynetworks has developed a real-time PaaS (platform-as-a-service) for data capture, process and transmission.

Powerlytics market intelligence platform powers better decisions.

We're transforming the way that the live events industry organizes, communicates and executes.

Platform as a Service for implementing a turnkey, self-branded prevention/wellness and obesity intervention business in their existing practice.

Develops innovative, all natural pain management treatments.
Progenra, Inc.

Progenra, Inc. is dedicated to finding new medicines for a variety of diseases by targeting the ubiquitin pathway.

ProNoto is a mobile platform that uses peer sourced content to help busy physicians, researchers, and clinicians stay current.
QLIDA Diagnostics

QLIDA Diagnostics develops next-generation biomarker diagnostic tests.
QR Pharma, Inc.

QR Pharma, Inc. is a clinical stage company for the treatment of Parkinson's.
QUANTA Technologies, Inc.

QUANTA Technologies develops and markets advanced coating technologies and products.
Quantitative Radiology

Quantitative Radiology Solutions (QRS) is a Philadelphia-based software company that helps physicians make better treatment decisions through automatic analysis of medical images.

The pioneer of the world’s most reliable, scalable, and readily deployed Kinetic Mesh network technology.
Real Food Works, LLC

Real Food Works was founded with a mission to improve your health by eating a real food diet.
Real Time Tomography, LLC

Real-Time Tomography focuses on development of novel imaging techniques and software.
RealWinWin, Inc.

RealWinWin developed a comprehensive business process outsourcing solution designed to manage rebate collection.
Red Queen Gaming

Red Queen is the world’s most comprehensive marketplace for tools that enhance video gamer skills.
Relmada Therapeutics

A clinical stage, public specialty pharmaceutical company.

Repisodic works with hospitals, patients, and post-acute care providers to revolutionize care decision-making.

With our state of the art steam/eco-friendly technology, RideKleen is at the forefront of this trend with plans of scaling the market. RideKleen is one of North America’s leaders within the mobile carwash and fleet cleaning industries.
Right Air

We help COPD patients breathe easy again.

Developed wearable nurse call buttons.
RMH Sciences

RMH Sciences aims to commercialize newly discovered antibiotics.
ROAR for Good

ROAR for Good is aimed at diminishing attacks against women using wearables, mobile technology and education.
Rocker Tools

An innovative designer, manufacturer, and distributor of specialty construction tools.

RoundTrip provides healthcare professionals with a simple, web-based portal and mobile platform that connects patients with on-demand, non-emergency medical transportation.
S4 Worldwide

Offers a variety of effective integrated solutions to help protect against intrusions, theft and vandalism, etc.
Sage Technologies

An experienced engineering service company.
ScentSational Technologies

The leader in scent emitting Scented Packaging technologies.
Sage Smart Garden

Sage is making the world greener with our smart and simple IoT irrigation products designed to meet the needs of the large and rapidly growing green roof industry.

Sciaderm is developing a new and novel treatment for psoriasis with a mode of action that is different from othersents currently in use.

Develops technology that will quickly identify infections, for faster diagnosis and drug treatment.

SETVI is the premier mobile sales enablement platform.
SFA Therapeutics

SFA Therapeutics offer a new approach to treating chronic inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn's disease, psoriasis, hepatitis B, and certain types of cancer.
Shock Analytics

Shock Analytics has developed a non-invasive device for measuring systemic vascular resistance (SVR), an indicator for both congestive heart failure and sepsis.

Offers a solution built from scratch to understand the complexities of online retail.
SilverLine Global

A first-of-its-kind digital media platform.
Smart Structures

The global leader in wireless Embedded Data Collector (EDC) solutions used to determine pile capacity and integrity in real-time.
Smarter Agent

The global leader for creating mobile search and discovery apps to learn about the world around you.

The SnipSnap app allows anyone to convert a printed coupon into a digital, mobile format.
Social Ladder

SocialLadder is a tool to engage consumers and turn them into a digital street team.
Solar Grid Storage

Develops battery storage systems co-located with PV systems.

SonoSolve is a revolutionary new device that aims to eliminate catheter-associated complications, using non-invasive sound waves to clear obstructions and biofilms within catheters.
Source Digital

Source Digital specializes in content monetization strategies letting viewers dive deeper into their favorite programs.

Squareknot has created an interactive outlet for making how-to-guides.
Stabiliz Orthopaedics

Develops novel enhancements to existing orthopaedic medical devices.
Strados Labs

Strados Labs offers a simpler way for you to manage stress, anxiety, and conditions such as asthma with our patent-pending wearable smart sensors that automatically monitor and log wheezing, coughing, and shallow breathing patterns in real-time.
Surprise HR

Surprise HR has reinvented employee recognition by using variable rewards and the power of surprise to make recognition work.

Sustrana's unique online software system delivers much needed tools and materials for organizations to assess and manage complex sustainability issues.
Switchboard Live

Switchboard Live developed a SaaS-based platform that helps clients manage and publish live streaming video to multiple destinations such as, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, or Twitter/Periscope simultaneously.
The Greater Knead

A gluten-free and allergen free bagel manufacturer based in Manayunk.

Creates first-of-their-kind promotional medical education programs for healthcare professionals.

Connects parents with children in daycare with the providers of care to their children through technology.
TalexMedical, LLC

TalexMedical is the proud producer of Infantear - a revolutionary Class I medical device for the treatment of external ear deformities in newborns.
Tangent Energy Solutions, Inc.

Tangent Energy Solutions saves commercial and industrial (C&I) companies 10% to 20% in energy costs.

A user engagement and advertising platform for mobile devices.

Tassl is a software-as-a-service company bringing management and analytics to higher education and other professional networks in order to improve the accessibility and value propositions in our networks.
Technical Vision

Developing a device that senses the immediate environment for a visually impaired person.
Telefactor Robotics

Creating advanced video and dexterity solutions for telepresence and robotics.

TemitroniK, a spinoff of IMET Corporation, is the most flexible LED Board, IoT Control, and Turnkey Solutions Provider to the Lighting Industry.
Termaxia LLC

Termaxia is developing a Big Data storage solution that is disrupting the market in significant way.
The Neat Company

Digitizes and organizes data, particularly from receipts and business cards.
The One Health Company

Making animal testing more humane and predictive for the 21st Century.

Discovering future cures today.

TimelinePI has developed a completely new approach to understanding, analyzing and monitoring business processes.
TMX Interactive

Provides comprehensive email marketing solutions.
Topaz Pharmaceuticals

A start-up company that plans to develop and market pediatric medicines.

TrekIT provides clinicians with an intuitive, patient-centric task management tool to track, manage and coordinate clinical care.

Tridiuum provides a behavioral health, SaaS solution that accelerates assessing, managing, treating and coordinating behavioral health issues across the continuum of care.

TriviaNote is the first AI-backed study platform to save students time by automatically creating study tools in a social learning environment.

Empower your students to think critically about data, ask meaningful questions, and communicate their conclusions.
UgMO Technologies

The pioneer in rootzone monitoring and management.
Ultraflex Systems, Inc.

Ultraflex® patient inspired solutions are the world’s leading dynamic bracing technology for improving joint and limb range of motion, muscle length and flexibility and walking ability.

Develops, manufactures, and distributes a balloon device and techniques to treat urologic problems in humans.
Valence Process Equipment

Focused on the design & production of superior performing Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) systems.

Leverages real-time social networking, lead generation and information aggregation potential.
Verge Aero

Verge Aero is focused on building and deploying unmanned aerial systems (UASs), or drones, for use in the entertainment industry.

Verif-y offers a new way for individuals to own and manage their digital identity.
Versify Solutions, Inc.

Versify Solutions is an industry leading analytics, related software & services provider to the power industry.

VeryApt is a data-driven, on-demand concierge rental platform that makes finding, leasing, and renting an apartment easier, and less expensive than ever before.

A pioneer in Electronic Lien and Title solutions.
Viridity Energy

Provides large energy consumers with powerful tools to increase energy efficiency and create energy revenues.

Committed to developing and commercializing innovative products that address unmet medical needs.
Vistar Media

An advertising platform that enables brands to reach consumers in the real-world.
Vitaltrax, LLC

VitalTrax delivers a complete clinical trial data collection and patient engagement solution for today’s clinical trials comprising of a cloud based enterprise platform and a mobile application for patients.

VUID offers a mobile ID authentication system.

Specializes in building the highest quality internet software products.
Vy Corporation

Specializes in shape detection and object analysis software and services.
WealthHub Solutions

WealthHub is a leading provider of enterprise solutions for fiduciary management.

Wearwell makes it effortless for women to find clothes that fit their style and their values.

WebMax, believes that home buyers need a simpler, faster way to acquire a mortgage.

WhoseYourLandlord is bringing quality to the rental experience through the use of landlord reviews, verified tenant information, and real-time available listings.

WizeHive makes it easy for business people to configure and deploy cloud based solutions.

XeroThera focusses on orthopedic and resistant infections.
X-Nav Technologies

X-Nav Technologies develops surgical solutions for the dental market.

xtraCHEF is an invoice processing and cost intelligence application that prepares the hospitality industry – a $10 billion market - for the future of procurement.

Yellowdig is a discussion platform that connects learners and empowers educators.

Yorn is a real-time feedback platform for healthcare settings.

Lets you connect with people and groups from around the world in a new and exciting way.

Zagster provides complete bike sharing and bicycle rental solutions.

Provides a comprehensive technology and commerce platform.
ZSX Medical

ZSX Medical is a pre-clinical stage medical device company improving minimally-invasive surgery.

Zuppler is a global Internet commerce solution for restaurants and caterers.