Board of Directors
Charles M. Robins
Managing Director, Fairmount Partners
Alan Cohn
Co-Founder & Co-President of Sage Financial Group
Janice Giannini
Executive Partner, Paradigm Associates, LLC
Osagie Imasogie
Senior Managing Partner & Founder, Phoenix IP Ventures
Bob Kothari
Chief Revenue Officer, Trax Retail
Kenneth G. Lawrence
(Former) Chairman PECO Energy Company
Nate Lentz
Managing Partner, Osage Veture Partners
John A. Loftus
Managing Director, Seminal Capital Partners
Ami Miron
President, AM Partners
Mindy M. Posoff
Managing Director, Golden Seeds, LLC
RoseAnn B. Rosenthal
President & CEO
Tucker Twitmyer
President, Ascent Advisors
Nick Wilkinson
CEO, Binary Tree
Michael Purcell
Audit Partner - Retired, Deloitte & Touche, LLP
Denise Devine
Founder and CEO, FNB Holdings, LLC
Matthew Callahan
President and CEO, iCeutica
James Narron
First Vice President and COO, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Doc Parghi
Partner, SRI Capital
John Castleman
CEO Mobiquity
Mimi Drake
Co-CEO, Permit Capital Advisors
Robert Ciaruffoli
Co-founder and Vice-Chairman, Broad Street Angels
Vince Rogusky
President & CEO, The Sharp Financial Group
Timothy A. Reese
Managing Director, Investment Banking Quoin Capital LLC