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Because financial advisors cannot manage what they cannot see, the Asset-Map platform creates interactive visuals blending design thinking and personal finance to deepen
client conversation.

Bright Idea

Bright Idea pays for and installs LEDs for free, and shares the savings. For our partners, it means lower bills and smaller carbon footprint without paying or doing anything. For us, it means incentivizing businesses to go green while making financially attractive investments.

College Affordability LLC

College Affordability LLC is solving the student debt crisis. Their software, called EFC PLUS, helps families and financial advisors navigate the various college financial decisions from saving for college to student loan repayment. Our software generates a custom financial outcome based on each student’s college selection and debt structure.


Factury is a trading and settlement network with applications for the secondary loan market, connecting lenders with institutional investors. Leveraging distributed ledger technology, our solution will reduce time, costs, and human error, and will streamline credit trading processes in all aspects of the secondary loan market for online lenders, hedge funds and banks.


FinPay aims to supply a 5-Star patient financial experience that mirrors the high quality clinical care they receive from their doctor. We provide patients with financing solutions at point-of-care so they are able to afford the healthcare they need.


FixList is a real estate data analysis company that offers tools and services to help lenders, developers, and community groups make smart, impactful investments in the built environment.


NeedsList helps people find direct, transparent, and effective ways to meet refugee needs from anywhere in the world.


For CEOs and business leaders struggling to address a talent shortage, PeopleJoy is a new employee benefit that attracts and keeps millennial talent using student loan repayment assistance.