Due Diligence Reviewers & Portfolio Managers


Stephen J. Albert
Capital Partners Consulting, LLC


Margie Beard
M. Beard Consulting


Cory Donovan
Impact PHL


Samuel J. Edland
Georgetown University


Mike Goetter
Lonza Bioscience


Seth Goldblum
CMF Associates


James Halbedl
CMF Associates


Arthur L. Hudson
Rapid Markets LLC


A J Kait


Karl M. Kraus
Material Growth Partners


Clifford M. Lavin
C Squared, Inc.


Gerard J. Leimkuhler
Berwyn Capital Interests


Lindsay Tabas
Tabas Consulting


Steven P. Melick
La Salle University


Larissa Milne
Drexel University


Kirk A. Reinbold, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania


Barthalomew A. Sillah
Militia Hill Ventures


Phoenix M. Wang
Independent Consulting


Francine Way


David Wierz
The OCI Group


Dr. Jean K. Wilcox, Ph.D.
Temple University


Michele A. Zujkowski
Venture Consulting

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