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Iroko Pharmaceuticals Acquires iCeutica to Bolster Capabilities in …

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… Iroko has already applied this nanotechnology platform to formulate three NSAIDs now progressing to Phase III clinical development. … Iroko and iCeutica will maintain Philadelphia as their headquarters and …


Thomas Jefferson University and hospitals tasked to find new …


PHILADELPHIA—Shortly before Japan’s devastating nuclear incident, nuclear incident, researchers at Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals received an award to find novel drugs to treat people exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation in the wake of a nuclear terrorist attack or a nuclear accident. … Their effort builds on the use of zebrafish to study molecular mechanisms of damage by radiotherapy. Dr. Dicker’s laboratory program uses this model organism in conjunction with nanotechnology drugs to identify novel radiation protectors and mitigators. …


Morphotek acquires TMI’s scorpion venom platform

April 5, 2011 — 5:14pm ET | By Howard Lovy

Biotech company Morphotek apparently thought the peptide platform developed by fellow Pennsylvania company TransMolecular had just the right sting against tumors for Morphotek to acquire assets relating to the drug-delivery technology. The tumor-targeting peptide (TTP) platform in question was originally isolated from scorpion venom. …

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Morphotek acquires TMI’s scorpion venom platform – FierceDrugDelivery story/ morphotek-acquires-tmis-scorpion-venom-platform/ 2011-04-05#ixzz1M8xevUbZ


Arkema Expands Coatings Portfolio Via M&A, Innovation :: Chemical Week

Apr 1, 2011 … Arkema says its acquisition of Total’s coating resins and photocure resins activities—the latest of several M&A deals by Arkema—will make the company a leading global supplier to the paints and coatings industry. The deal is expected to…


Drexel’s new president reveals plans to overhaul campus, add …

Drexel’s new president reveals plans to overhaul campus, add autism institute.

April 16, 2011|By Miriam Hill, Inquirer Staff Writer

Describing his ambitions for Drexel University as “outsize,” the school’s new president on Friday announced bold plans, including overhauling its campus and neighborhood, and creating an institute to study autism.

Fry also wants area universities to work more closely together to create technologies and businesses that bring jobs to Philadelphia.

“Somehow,” he said, “we haven’t found the spark to make our regional network as powerful as our counterparts at the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina; Cambridge, Mass.; and Silicon Valley.”

Fry said Drexel could provide that spark through its leadership in engineering, nanotechnology, and women’s health. : PhillyInc: Venture capital is looking up

Apr 20, 2011 … The biggest local deal of the first quarter was a $23.3 million equity financing of BioNanomatrix Inc., a Philadelphia company that’s trying to cut the cost and time involved in analyzing the human genome.


Global Conference on Nanotechnology Innovations and Market Trends

… and Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, Stefan Strauf, assistant professor of … Professor Lorke said that nanotechnology was a bridge between …


Conducting Ferroelectrics May be Key to New Electronic Memory

Nanotechnology News

Oak Ridge, TN | Posted on April 27th, 2011

A new study led by ORNL’s Peter Maksymovych and published in the American Chemical Society’s Nano Letters revealed that contrary to previous assumptions, domain walls in ferroelectric materials act as dynamic conductors instead of static ones. … The samples used in the study were provided by the University of California at Berkeley. Other authors are ORNL’s Arthur Baddorf, Jan Seidel and Ramamoorthy Ramesh of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley, and Pennsylvania State University’s Pingping Wu and Long-Qing Chen.. …


House Science Committee Lauds Potential of Nanotechnology

May 10, 2011 … FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News. House Science Committee Lauds Potential of Nanotechnology. David A. Kronig …


2011 PA Regional Nanotechnology Conference

31st May 2011

On behalf of the A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology Institute (DNI), Lehigh Nanotech Network (LNN), and Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania (BFTP-SEP), the Pennsylvania Regional Nanotechnology Conference is scheduled to be held on May 31, 2011 more»

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